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ShaKenya Edison, M.Ed., PPS
K-12 Administrator, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker

ShaKenya Edison is a professional educator committed to establishing high expectations, vertical and horizontal accountability, and shared responsibility in improving the education system and overall outcomes and experiences for students. She has served in various capacities in education including, Director of Student Services, Counselor, After-School Program Coordinator, Safe School Coordinator, and Consultant. Her dedication to improving life outcomes for youth has moved her to serve in various leadership roles in city and county community initiatives.  The initiatives include youth violence prevention, school attendance, juvenile justice, law enforcement's role on K-12 campuses, county systems collaboratives, gang prevention, cultural competency and empathy, and school discipline disproportionality.  She is committed professionally and personally to improving systems through capacity building and focusing on equity and justice in policies, practices and access.  In her spare time, she serves as Chair of  the Board of Directors of Legacy Edison, a nonprofit organization committed to providing and supporting projects that aim to provide opportunities that develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially healthy girls and young women. 

Her expertise includes, but is not limited to: results-based facilitation; K-12 student behavior due process, policies and practices; law enforcement's role on school campuses; partnering with and building capacity in community stakeholders; social-emotional learning and trauma;  leadership coaching for systemic improvement and sustainability; and UCP and Title IX investigations. 

In recognition of her commitment and results, she was the recipient of the Association of California School Administrators’ Region 9 Pupil Personnel Administrator of the Year Award, NAACP's Smith/Carlos Award, and Santa Clara Association of Black Educator's Administrator of the Year Award, to name a few. 

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